"The hotel has shops for gifts for others or yourself. Specifically, a wide variety of komboloi (worry beads) from the Komboloi Museum of Nafplion and a store with sculptures and jewellery from distinguished Greek artists like Vangelis Tzitzis, George Sepetzoglou and many others.

Komboloi Museum

"In April 1998, Mr and Mrs Evangelinos -a couple who have been collecting and studying komboloi since 1958- founded the first -and still only in the world- Komboloi Museum in Nafplion. The couple took their first lessons on komboloi making and learned its secrets in Alexandria, Egypt, where Mr Evangelinos' grandfather lived.
They started their journey on the "roads of komboloi" in 1963, and continue today. They collect knowledge along with rare old worry beads from all over the world - from Hinduists, Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics and Greeks - from the countries where the Greek nation prospered (Asia Minor, Syria, Egypt etc.). Thus, they have built a unique collection of almost a thousand (1000) worry beads dating from 1700 to 1950, made of pure amber, mastic-amber, faturan-amber, black (yusuri) and red coral, ivory, bone, horn, ebony, and other materials." (Source

The Komboloi Museum boasts a great variety of komboloi with high quality amber, coral, bone, aromatic old pieces: mastic, faturan and many other materials. We are sure that you will find what you need. Komboloi admirers interested in learning more about its history can purchase the book "Worry beads and their History".