Konstantinos Palaiologos

The Konstantinos Palaiologos hotel welcomes you in a neoclassical building, with luxurious twenty-first century amenities. It is located in the intersection of two central yet quiet streets of Patras.
From Gerokostopoulou Street, it looks out to the ancient port of Patras and, on the other side, to V. Georgiou Square, the heart of the town, with its fountains since 1874 and the Venetian theatre since 1872.

Riga Feraiou Street ends at the majestic Cathedral Temple of St. Andrew, the patron saint of the city since the Roman period. The comfort and the tranquillity of the rooms take you on a journey into the history and culture of Patras.

The decor brings together the purple of Byzantine Patras and the sea of Patraikos bay with the urban culture of the 19th century raisin traders. Konstantinos Palaiologos, the last emperor of Byzantium, lived and was married in Patras.